Frequently asked questions about bluetooth marketing software


General bluetooth marketing questions

Which devices can receive bluetooth marketing messages?

Bluetooth OBEX (object exchange) protocol support is required on target devices.
Most modern mobile phones and smartphones (except iPhone and Blackberry) are compatible.

What other items are required to broadcast advertisings using bluetooth marketing software?

A bluetooth adapter (dongle) is required if you computer doesn't have an integrated one.

Why some mobile phones display "file not recognized" or similar error when text message received? How to get around this?

This means the mobile phone can't open and display plain text files. It may be better to create your message as a jpeg or gif picture (using any external graphic editor, such MS Paint). Alternatively create Business card (vCard) file and put your message into the "name" field.

Is it possible to deliver messages to mobile phone without need for user to accept them?

Sorry, no. And it would be spam.
However, for special purposes, such as private broadcastings, you may as a preliminary step pair and configure target devices to receive messages automatically. (If such configuration option is not available on your devices, special software can be used on smartphones or PDAs).


Questions related to Smart Bluetooth Marketing software

What to do if bluetooth is installed and working properly with other applications, but "Bluetooth Hardware not found" error is still displayed?

Your bluetooth adapter comes with incompatible drivers (BlueSoleil, Broadcom-WidComm or Toshiba). Smart Bluetooth marketing works with the bluetooth stack from Microsoft only.
To try if your bluetooth adapter can work with a generic Microsoft driver follow the instructions.

What to do if mobile phone asks for a passkey when connecting?

Some rare phone models don't accept files without being paired first.
The only way to reach them is to enable authentication. (In the Options - Sender dialog set default password, something like "0000"). However, this method is a workaround, success is not always guaranteed.

Does Smart Bluetooth Marketing software support unicode?

Yes, unicode text can be used everywhere - in text messages, business cards, calendar events, device names, marketing campaign titles and descriptions.

Is there a Linux version of Smart Bluetooth Marketing available?

Currently no, but it may be released in the nearest future.