Creating marketing campaign

To create a marketing campaign:

Click the New campaign button on the toolbar
The Marketing campaign properties window opens.

It is recommended to store attached file in the internal database. (Leave Store file in the database checkbox checked.)
This ensures that the file is always available for sending and it is not accidentally modified or corrupted.
To refresh a file you should open marketing campaign properties and reload the file again.

Sometimes (e.g. when you dynamically modify the file with an external application) the more appropriate way is to allow sender to read the file from the disk each time it is being sent. In this case uncheck the Store file in the database checkbox.


Load file - Load file from disk (You can also drag the file from Windows explorer and drop it on this dialog).
New file - Create new text file, business card file or calendar event file.
Remove file - Remove file from the campaign (file is removed only from the database record, no files on your disk are affected).
Paste file - Paste file from clipboard (You can also drag the file from Windows explorer and drop it on this dialog).
Edit file - Edit file with internal editor (available only for text files, business card files and calendar event files).
Save as - Save file to disk.
Rename file - Rename the file (file is renamed only in the database, no files on your disk are affected).

If schedule is switched off, the marketing campaign is active every day (24 hours).
If start date and end date is empty, the marketing campaign will be running forever (until stopped or deleted).

Limit count - set the maximum count of messages to be sent (when this limit is reached the campaign is suspended until manual or automatic reset).

Send to random recipients - if this is enabled messages will be sent to randomly selected devices (possible ratio range is 0.01%...100.00%. Note: this is approximate value, especially on short time intervals).

Auto reset campaign - if this is enabled the campaign counters and limits will be reset every specified time interval (the time is counted from the last reset).

In the example above up to 5 files will be sent to about 10% of randomly selected devices every hour.

You can target your marketing campaign to the specific device groups (by their type and manufacturer).
Note, that manufacturer filter may not be 100% accurate.