Receiver options

On startup - configure the initial state of the receiver
Possible options
don't start receiver - receiver left in stopped state on program startup
start receiver - receiver is started on program startup
restore previous state - receiver state is remembered on program exit and is restored on program startup

When new message arrives
Display balloon - Show the balloon message near the Smart Bluetooth Marketing icon in the system tray. The message contains the name and hardware address of the device, name of the file received, and in case of text file - the content of it.
Play sound - Notify you with the sound
Sound file - You can select your favorite sound to be played when new message arrives (wav files are supported, to browse for the file click  ). If no sound file specified, the default one is used.

Maximum file size - limit maximum size of incoming files (zero means no limit).
Maximum number of messages from one device per hour - limit number of messages from one device (zero means no limit).
These two options are useful to protect your system from flood and spam.

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